Reservations are made on a first come – first served basis in accordance with our Reservation Policies. Groups who are not members of our 7 Owning Associations should contact the Manager prior to making a reservation**. (MFBA does not currently take reservations from individual campers, although we may be able to put you in contact with one of our Camps) Reservations for the facilities at Middle Florida Baptist Assembly may be made by contacting the Manager @ 386-249-1123 (or you may leave a message @ 386-935-0608 or by email

** All new Non-Owning groups must secure letters of recommendation from 2 Southern Baptist pastors and the Director of Missions of the Southern Baptist Association in their area and then return them to the Assembly before their request can be processed.

Our Reservation Policies can be viewed and downloaded here.

Our online Reservation Calendar can be viewed and downloaded here.

Blank forms can be viewed and downloaded here.

Our Camp Guidelines can be viewed and downloaded here.

Most of your Frequently Asked Questions can be answered here.

Guides to help you plan your camp are available below:

Parents Guide
Camp Counselors Guide
Camp Director and Counselor Guide