Aiming for Excellence

Hitting The Mark

A Capital Improvement plan for Camp Pickett Lake (Middle Florida Baptist Assembly)

Phase 1         Cost = $192,000

Building Renovations

Replace all existing shingle roofs with metal 35,000 50% Completed
 Replace all old r22 HVAC units with new units 30,000
Replace flooring in Dining Hall, Chapel and Boys Cabins 6,000
Replace all T12 lights with LED fixtures 8,000 30% Completed
Replace septic systems in the Chapel, Adult Center and Boys Cabins 20,000
Replace decking on the dock 3,000 Completed
Remodel all old bathrooms in Cabins 50,000
 Total Renovations 152,000


Activities expansion

Add a Diving Tower to the Swimming area 1,000
Add a Blob to the Swimming area 3,000
Add a Human Foosball game 1,000 Completed
Add a Gaga Ball pit 500 Completed
Add a 9 Square game 500 Completed
Build a Paintball course 8,000
Build a Bazooka Ball course 8,000
Build a Playground area 15,000
Build an Archery range 3,000
 Total Activities 40,000

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Phase 2         Cost = $1,905,000

Building Expansions

Increase the Dining Hall to a capacity of 250 (currently 120) 250,000
Expand the Chapel to a capacity of 400 (currently 275) 250,000
Add 4 Conference rooms 250,000
Add 2 Multi-Purpose Cabins with a capacity of 36 each (72 total) 250,000
Add and staff a Concession / Gift Shop 60,000
 Total Building Expansions 1,060,000


Activities Expansion

Add an 18 hole Frisbee Golf course 10,000
Add a Climbing Wall 20,000
Build a Swimming Pool 250,000
Build an Open-sided Gym 300,000
Add a Water Slide to the Swimming Area 50,000
Add a Swing to the Lake 10,000
Add Water Cannons to the Swimming Area 5,000
Build and staff a Ropes Course 200,000
 Total Activities Expansion 845,000