Welcome to Camp!

South Biscayne Church

South Biscayne Church – Baptism


Ready for adventure? While at camp, Children are shown God’s Love and given the opportunity to learn more about Jesus Christ.

Singing, daily Bible study and swimming, along with a mixture of crafts, fishing, canoeing, and group games keep children focused on friendship and faith during their camping adventure.


Are you ready for the next level? While at camp, Youth are encouraged to grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Daily Bible studies, intense leadership development, moving dramas, inspiring music and exciting worship services are typical elements of our Youth Camps.


Are you up to the challenge? Adults have the privilege of guiding young people by presenting God’s word and love as shown in Jesus Christ.

Adults also have the opportunity to experience exciting worship services, inspiring music, moving dramas, Bible exploration and memorization, and prayer.